New generations, new innovations

To make the carpet tiles retain their form and easy to handle, Jan van Heugten experimented with various materials to support the backing layer of his carpet tiles. During the following decades, the following generations consistently improved the characteristics of the backing materials. Each generation introduced new innovations to optimize the fire safety, sustainability, practicality and acoustic characteristics of the Van Heugten carpet tiles.

Sustainable and user-friendly materials

The advanced backing layers that PeVanHa developed, like PeVanHa Polyflex™ and PeVanHa Recyflex™, are a lot more user-friendly and sustainable than the first generation backing layers consisting mainly of bitumen. The production of PeVanHa Recyflex™ generates no residues since al manufacturing waste are recycled. This benefits both the sustainability and the flexibility of the carpet tiles. No other carpet tile is easier to handle than a PeVanHa carpet tile.

Safe and sound

At PeVanHa we always innovate to bring new benefits to our customers and in this regard, safety is always our main priority. PeVanHa meets all Dutch and European safety standards and guidelines for producing safe carpet tiles, including the European CE EN 14041 standard for flexible carpentry products. If you choose PeVanHa carpet tiles, you are certain to obtain a consistently reliable quality, sustainability and safety for a competitive price.

Silent and clean

We usually don’t shout it from the rooftops, but nobody knows more about the hidden aspects of carpet tiles than the carpet tile experts at PeVanHa. Regardless if it concerns the visual appearance, the options for recycling or the amount of anti-drumming – with our products and expertise we support architects, project developers, upholsterers and retailers to distinguish themselves. By doing so, we contribute to safe, healthy and sustainable living and working surroundings.

Benefits of dealing with a family business

One of the great benefits of being a customer of PeVanHa is the servitude, accessibility and stability that only a company built on real family values can provide.
Our communication lines are short and every one of us and everyone here is happy to help you out (if you call the PeVanHa main headquarters and ask for the company president, you will be forwarded without delay). The fact that every PeVanHa employee loves to put in some extra effort for the customer may have something to do with the timeless values like honesty, respect and modesty that are cherished here at PeVanHa.

The best people, quality and prices

BRegardless if he or she carries the last name Van Heugten or not – at PeVanHa, every worker is treated as a full member of the family business. Our employees value that. There is virtually no staff turnover so all expertise and work experience is preserved, from fully developed production techniques to a highly efficiënt use of production productions means and materials. Our customers experience the benefits of this in the form of consistently high quality products, friendly service and the most competitive product prices in the market.

”PeVanHa carpet tiles contribute to safe, healthy and sustainable living and working environments”


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